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Hey this is Matt with The IM Wealth Builders and we have one more time, money & effort saving, profit boosting option for you today … we saved the best for last.

You’ve already got access to a theme that’s going to turn ANY blog into a fountain of t-shirt profits …

So let’s MAXIMIZE those profits and keep them coming 24/7.

Why Make “Just A Cut” When You Can Keep 100% Of The Profits?

Promoting t-shirts as an affiliate can put some solid commissions in your account.

Thanks to Covert Shirt Store, you’ll soon be making those commissions and - as importantly - building a huge audience of customers.

As great as that sounds, the REAL money happens when you’re selling YOUR OWN t-shirts … and keeping 100% of the profits instead of just a slice.

So if you’d like to leverage the FULL POWER of your new theme to create a lifestyle income … you’re in the right place.

IMPORTANT: What Makes People BUY T-Shirts?

Graphics and images. Look at your own t-shirt collection, and we’ll bet you have some pretty cool Ts that prove this point.

Now - imagine YOU’RE the person providing new, exciting and innovative T-shirt designs … ones that aren’t on the market …
and can effortlessly sell them for 100% profit.

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words. In the T-shirt business, a picture can be worth MULTIPLE thousands of dollars.

But unless you’re a graphic artist with unlimited time to research the latest trends … coming up with your own designs just isn’t realistic.

Which is why we’re extremely excited to invite you to Covert Shirt Graphics -
Monthly Designs For Your OWN Winning T-Shirts Where You Keep ALL The Profit!


Continuous Growth Business Pack [ARV2oto1]


Continuous Growth Business Pack [ARV2oto1]

How Does Covert Shirt Graphics Work?

Simple. Our expert team of research specialists constantly scour the web to see what images & themes are going viral.

Then, we take the “best of the best” and have our professional designers create UNIQUE graphics based on those images.

Finally, the marketing team hand selects the top performers after our own internal testing … and delivers them straight to you.

Result? YOU get proven-to-sell and unique new T-Shirt designs added to your dashboard every single month.

Use any of the print-on-demand sites we shared in Covert Shirt Store to have your favorites made into Ts …
Plug them into your theme and sell them for 100% profit!

Multiple Income Streams

The monthly graphic packs can make you cash in MANY more ways than just t-shirts. With the already included Cafe Press integration … you can use these premium designs to sell hats, mugs, calendars, phone covers, watches and more …

Turning YOUR stores into a “one-stop shop” for customers looking to buy the latest trending designs.

And if you’re planning on using your Covert Shirt Builder license to set up stores for clients … even better.

Because now you can recommend cutting-edge NEW product styles for clients and charge a premium for the service!

Works Hand-In-Hand With The Covert Shirt Store To Maximize Your Profits

An incredibly powerful feature of your Covert Shirt Store theme is that it’s self-optimizing …
always showing your most POPULAR products at the top of your store.

As you add new products monthly with this upgrade,
you’ll AUTOMATICALLY maximize profits as the software can pick from EVEN MORE winning products.

This BUILT-IN scaling feature works for you 24/7 to optimize sales & ongoing profits.

Works EVEN BETTER With Covert Shirt Store Pro

If you took advantage of the Pro upgrade on the previous page … now you’re in a position to REALLY scale up. Because you can directly upload each of your new graphic packs into the Pro Shirt Builder for a hands-free solution to getting these winning designs to market.

No hassles, no fuss - one click and done to a GROWING selection of winning t-shirts that put 100% profits in your pocket.

You don’t NEED Covert Shirt Store Pro for the monthly graphics pack to work … it’s just an option to grow your income even faster. We’ve specifically created EACH element of your Covert Shirt Store theme to work independently …

And even better together.

It’s Like Having Your Own Research & Design Team Working 24/7 To Make YOUR T-Shirt Business More Profitable

Think about that. Researchers constantly finding the hottest images & trends onlines. Designers turning those into winning graphics for your own Ts and novelty products.

You’ll ALWAYS be the one with the latest, hottest & HIPPEST products on offer in your store.

The Covert Shirt Store theme is going to help build your list of prospects & customers.
People that want a REASON to buy from you over & over.

Your access to Covert Shirt Graphics GIVES your customers the reason to keep buying again and again.

Fresh designs. The hottest trends. Pure profit in your pocket.

Time For A Reality Check

T-shirts and other physical products - like the ones you can sell with Covert Shirt Store - sell better, sell more often, and sell more consistently than digital products.

Customers can touch, feel and wear them. The perceived value is high, and buyers keep coming back for more.

Covert Shirt Graphics gives you the ability to sell MORE of these high-value products to more people. Always new, always fresh … so your customers see YOU as the source for the latest designs.

So Here’s The Deal

As a new customer, we’re inviting you to join Covert Shirt Graphics for a steep discount.
But we’re not stopping there.

The normal package includes 3 full sets of graphics delivered to your dashboard every month.

As part of this limited launch … and ONLY while this page is open …

We’re increasing the package to FOUR full sets of graphics each month.

Imagine - getting a new set of custom designs every week of the year.

NEVER run out of profitable product ideas again.
Use them for t-shirts and ANY products you can order through Cafe Press.

PACK your stores full of the hottest, most trending products …
Goods that sell time after time …

  • Animals
  • Archer
  • Arrows
  • Badges
  • Basketball
  • Bats (sports)
  • Bats (Fying)
  • Birds
  • Boats
  • Body Building
  • Boxing
  • Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Cars
  • Cats
  • Christmas
  • City Scapes
  • Cupid
  • Dinosaurs
  • DNA Helix
  • Eagle
  • Evolution Of
  • Faces
  • Fish
  • Freedom Fists
  • Goats Head
  • Gonna Do
  • Grenades
  • Guns
  • Halloween
  • Heads
  • Hearts
  • keep calm and
  • Lettering Elements
  • Lightning
  • Lion
  • Hamsters
  • Medical Symbols
  • Modern Vintage "YourBrand"
  • New Year
  • Ninja
  • Pirates
  • Ribbons
  • Shields
  • Sniper
  • Spiders
  • Sports Equipment
  • Star Maps
  • Star Signs
  • Stars
  • Stick Figures
  • Sunglasses
  • Superman
  • Tanks
  • Techno
  • Techno Lines & Circles
  • Tribal
  • Turkeys
  • Vikings
  • Vintage
  • Wings
  • Zombies

And keep 100% of the profits.

This is YOUR ticket to life-changing income.
Everything about Covert Shirt Graphics has been built to explode your income with the theme you already purchased.

But you WON’T see this offer again.

All you need to do is click below, and we’ll instantly upgrade your account …
And start sending you profitable new designs each and every month.

Welcome to Covert Shirt Graphics


Continuous Growth Business Pack [ARV2oto1]


Continuous Growth Business Pack [ARV2oto1]

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